The Best Wedding Breakfast Mixtape…Ever!

You'll be really surprised just how much music features throughout your wedding day. It all begins with the Ceremony but in this post, I'm going to concentrate on the wedding breakfast with one of my awesome Mixtapes!

The wedding breakfast is so-called because it’s your first meal as a married couple and what better way to celebrate than having some bouncy, catchy songs in the background as you eat.

I’ve used Spotify to put together over 3hrs of my favourite “happy” tunes perfect for your wedding breakfast or in fact any occasion where happy music is required!

Make sure you FOLLOW the list, this way you’ll always get the latest updates as I add new tunes! In the meantime, if you’ve got a Spotify account then click PLAY and enjoy, if not, simply head on over to the Spotify website where you can sign up for free!

I’ll be adding loads more sample playlists on my blog over the coming months so keep checking back!

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