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5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

Photo booths are a great entertainment add-on for weddings and any other kind of party and there's something about a box of fancy dress stuff and a camera that make it very hard for even the shyest of people to ignore.

I’ve been offering photo booths now for about six years and in that time I’ve seen a lot of changes.  Back when I started I made a decision to be different from all the other companies out there and offer a different style of photo booth.   Open-style photo booths were really popular in America but in the UK the only photo booth companies out there offered the sit-down type, much like one that you would find in a shopping centre.  I found it very difficult to push the open booth idea yet now for every one enclosed booth, I do nine open-style ones.

Photo booths are tons of fun, and make amazing memories but before you book one for your party, here are five top tips for you to consider ensuring that your photo booth experience is the very best it can be!

1/ Choosing the right photo booth

5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

There are LOADS of photo booth companies out there right now and surely it can’t be difficult to choose one right?

It’s important to do your research and consider all the differences.  Don’t be conned into booking a booth that isn’t really “a booth“.  A true photo booth brings people together at your party and should give them that special feeling of being inside something.  Photos shouldn’t be taken by a person, they should be automatic and printed straight away.  It’s a tried and tested recipe for fun and will leave you with some amazing, candid photos of your family and friends!

2/ Involving your guests

5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

Make it very clear to your guests that you have a photo booth and you would love for everyone to use it.  If they know in advance, they are more likely to use it and have some fun!  Don’t force it though, no-one likes compulsory fun and being told that they have to do something.

3/ Choose the right place to put it

5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

This is sooooo important!  The photo booth should be near any other entertainment such as a DJ or band.  It should be easy to find and not tucked away in a side room where the venue like to hide them.  Remember, out of sight, out of mind right?

Make sure it’s accessible too, you want as many of your guests to use and enjoy the photo booth as possible so if some of them have mobility issues you need to consider a booth that could accommodate a wheelchair.  Disabled folk love having their photo taken too!

4/ Props

5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

Props are props, right?  Wrong!  It’s so important to look for a photo booth with proper, quality props.  One booth franchise company I know advertises the fact that with each booth hire you get brand new props every time and you get to keep them!  Sounds great but the truth is that what you’re actually getting is the cheapest props that a £20 note will buy.

Cheap props look cheap and won’t last the gig.  This is why I invest serious money in decent props that don’t disintegrate throughout the night and look great in your pictures!  It’s also important to know that all my props are cleaned after every hire!

It’s important to also note that you don’t have to have props at all!  Some of the best photos I’ve taken had no props at all.  Just natural smiles.

5/ Picture quality

5 tips to help you make the most of a photo booth!

This is often overlooked.  These days it would be reasonable to expect that a photo booth would take gorgeous, high-resolution photo’s with a DSLR camera. The truth is that a lot of photo booths still use webcam’s so whilst the pictures might look great on a 6×4 print once you blow them up to put on an 80cm wide canvas, the quality is completely lost.  Even with a DSLR, if the person operating the booth has no idea how to take great pictures and understand how ambient conditions can affect the pictures being taken, and how to control them with the settings on the camera, then you’re still not going to get great pictures.

Always ask to see some examples of real photos they have taken, after all, these are the pictures that you will look and laugh at for years to come!

I hope that these top tips have helped you a little.  If you need a photo booth for your party, call or text me on 07799 782764.  You can also use my short contact form or if you prefer, you can email me directly at!

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If you have booked your entertainment with us and are considering cancelling or rescheduling your event, please read our latest update for more information.


This option is perfect for weddings and birthday parties and gives you everything you need!

  • My open-style, easy to use photo booth!
  • 3hrs hire with friendly, helpful staff to look after you.
  • Professional Canon DSLR camera for high-resolution images.
  • Unlimited visits - return as many times as you like during the hire period.
  • A fully-customised 6" x 4" print template featuring both your names and your wedding date in a choice of different styles.
  • Two printed copies.  One for the people in the picture to keep and another for your guest book.
  • A huge box of premium props to make the photos fun!
  • A gorgeous 12" x 12" photo guest book with metallic pens & glue.
  • A password-protected gallery where you can view and download the images to your computer, online the very next day!
  • An optional gallery on our Facebook page.


As well as taking pictures and printing them out, we can also show a never-ending slideshow on our big screen monitor!