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Wedding band or DJ? YOU decide!

In this post, I put the age-old question to the test. What's better? A Wedding band or a DJ? Is there a clear, definitive answer? Let's find out!

When it comes to entertainment for your wedding, music can make or break the party, so you need to make the right decision.  But what is the right choice?

Deciding between a wedding band or a DJ is a tough decision and seeking advice from your family and friends doesn’t make it any easier at all!  With this in mind, we spent some time quizzing some couples on Facebook to find out what they had to say about choosing between a wedding band or a DJ.

Our decision to get married was a bit last minute, so it was just easier to book a DJ than find a band.” – Wendy

We didn’t want the hassle of auditioning bands so went with a DJ as it was far easier.” – Alicia

I was put in charge of entertainment, and I wanted a band, so that’s what I organized, they were amazing!” – Tom

When it came down to budget, we went for a DJ; we didn’t realise bands could be so expensive!” – Sandy

Easy decision…DJ!!!  Takes up less space, cheaper, better range of songs, it was a no-brainer for us.” – Michaela

We had the band my husband plays in, and it was great to watch him playing along with his bandmates!” – Sarah

A band for sure, they were great at working for the crowd and got everyone dancing!” – Maria

Band!  It’s all about the energy!” – Charlie

I wanted a band but my partner wanted a DJ.  He won in the end but it was a great night anyway!” – Amy

If I want to listen to Guns n Roses, I’ll listen to the original artist, not a band trying to be them!  DJ every time!” – Paul

You can’t beat live music, but bands don’t have the variety of music to appease all ages.  We chose a DJ” – Heather

Originally we wanted a band until we saw a DJ at a friends wedding, and booked him on the spot!” – Sammy

When it came down to it, we either booked a band who played a wide range of songs all in the same style, or we booked a DJ and got all the songs we liked playing in the original style we were used to.  It was a simple decision really for us.” – Jonathan

We wanted someone who could take care of all the music during the day, and we couldn’t find a band who could do that for us, so we went with a DJ and had an amazing party!” – Laura

We had a mixed experience while looking for a DJ; some were either too full-on wanting us to book their top package while others were set in their ways when it came to music.  We found a great band one night in a bar and went with them. They were fantastic, and brought a DJ with them too!” – Sara

My best advice if you are considering a band is to ask them if they have any previous wedding experience.

Most bands sound great in pubs and can rock the joint but when it comes to weddings, they suck!  Not because they’re rubbish at playing instruments, they don’t have that…whatever “it” is that gets the wedding party rocking.  At the other end of the scale, you’ve also got proper function bands.  They are great at weddings as they keep the energy levels high throughout their sets but they also usually come at a high cost.

So there you go.  Unfortunately, the jury’s still out I’m afraid, and I’m still no closer to deciding as to what’s best!  Both a wedding band and a DJ have a wide range of skills (and music) that they can bring to a party.  Other than that, it’s all down to your own personal tastes.

Don’t forget; I’m here to help so call or text me on 07799 782764.  If you prefer I can be reached directly by email at, and you can check my availability for your wedding or party by filling in my contact form!

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