it's your wedding day!

All your friends and family are there, taking loads of pictures on their mobile phones and tablets…

it's ok, you're covered!

You’ve asked them all to download an app like WedPics onto their phone so they can share their pictures with you. You’ve also bought a load of use-once cameras for the evening reception.


The problem is, people take AGES to upload their pictures. Some don’t like filling their phone with new apps and some of the apps are just too complicated to use and use up tons of data.

we give up 🙁

After the wedding, you spend weeks chasing your friends and asking them for the pictures from their phones and you soon realise that the use-once cameras take really naff pictures.

What if there was an easier, less stressful way?

there is! 🙂

The Selfie Magic from Disco Fever is a cute little box, about the size of a CD case, that sits in the corner of your wedding venue patiently waiting for your friends to upload images.

is it easy to use?

Of course. You switch it on and that’s it.

To upload pictures you connect to it’s built-in WiFi network, open a browser on your phone, type magic into the address bar and upload as many images as you like.

You can move it around the venue too! Just un-plug it, move it and plug it back in and it’s ready to use. Simple!

is that all?

Absolutely not. You can connect it to a TV or a projector using a HDMI cable and it shows a never-ending, scrolling slideshow of the uploaded images.

At the end of the night, you unplug the supplied memory stick from the Selfie Magic containing all the uploaded images and take it with you!

what's included?

free delivery & setup*

We'll deliver the Selfie Magic to your venue in the morning and set it up so that it's ready to use!

free customisation!

We will customise the upload screen with your names and wedding date.

free memory stick!

As pictures are uploaded they get saved on the stick. You just unplug it and take it with you at the end of the day!

50" screen & stand

Perfect for showing a customised, never-ending slideshow!

table instructions!

We'll bring customised instructions you can place around the venue or on each table during the wedding breakfast.


After your party we'll upload all the images to a private gallery on our website for you and your friends and family to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

do you need wi-fi at the venue?

No!  The Selfie Magic has it’s own built-in Wi-Fi.  The guests simply just connect to it, there’s no password, and upload their images!


The Selfie Magic has been designed to run unattended and is incredibly reliable.  If you do have a problem, turning it off and back on again fixes most issues.


The Selfie Magic will allow photo uploads from ANY smart phone or mobile device with WiFi and a web browser; iPhones, Android, Windows Phones, Laptops, iPads, Kindles, etc.


About 15 minutes.

is it easy to remove inappropriate images?

In practice, it is very rare for guests to upload inappropriate images but from time to time it may happen.  Removing images from the SlideShow takes just a few seconds and is a simple process.


Yes it can, we can connect a printer to the Selfie Magic so that each time a photo gets uploaded, it prints a copy out on a customised print for you to stick in a guest book!  Printing does cost extra, please ask for pricing!